Why am I not growing?

If you’ve become a little stagnant and your reach or engagement has fallen off a cliff, then maybe you need to have a look at your content strategy.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself 💁🏻‍♀️

🌟 Does your content add value? try to: educate, advise, entertain, solve problems or be relatable.

🌟 Does the graphic look good? Is it the right size and can you see all of it?

🌟 Are you using all of the features available on the platform? We know video is a biggie, so are you including this in your strategy?

🌟 Are you engaging with your audience and dream clients?

🌟 Have you researched and included your hashtags?

🌟 Does your caption hook people in straight away? Make it clear that you want to start a conversation and invite interaction.

If you carry on doing the same thing, you’ll get the same results so try change things up and see what difference it makes. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your insights.

As always if you need any help with this send me a message 💕

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