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social media agency leeds
social media agency leeds

There’s no magic formula or even number but a couple of things that will really help is research and using more specific hashtags.
 Spend a little time researching – here are a few things to try
⭐ Size matters – check how many times the hashtag has been used. If its really high your post will pretty much get lost. Try something a little more specific.
⭐ Once you’ve found your smaller hashtag check the content just to make sure you and your brand will sit nicely there. Sometimes a hashtag can have a completely different meaning 😳
⭐ Avoid using the same hashtag’s in your post as the algorithm might think you’re a bot and your content is spammy (meaning the hashtag won’t work for you)
⭐ Have a snoop at your competition to see what they’re using and also to see what their followers are using 🤫
⭐ If you are looking for a local audience don’t forget to include area hashtag’s
What hashtag tips do you have?
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