Need some help with your social media? Feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated? Like you are wasting your time because you’re not seeing results? Are you unsure what and when to post, which social platforms are best suited to your business? Or wondering if anyone actually see’s your posts? If that sounds like you, Stand Out Social are ready to help! Take a look at our services below, we can help with anything social media related from audits to company training to content creation.


social media content creation leeds

If you just don’t have the time to do this yourself, this could be the service you just for you.  I love creating content and letting the content tell your businesses story. Using your brand’s themes, identity and voice, I will create consistent content for your social media posts which will make you stand out, reach your target audience, and resonate with your community.





Social Media Management

If you have no desire (or lets face it …time!) to do this yourself then I can take care of it all so you don’t have to! From one platform to all of your platforms, I’ll work closely with you to ensure your brand is represented in the very best way. I’ll manage the day to day running of your social media platform(s) with a clear strategy in place. Let me help your business stand out on social media.





social media power hours
So what the heck is a power hour?? It’s 1:1 training to help power up your skills with a dedicated hour on a topic of your choice. So if you need a little direction and motivation then a power hour would be perfect for you. Whether its understanding Reels and Stories, learning about the main platform differences so you can choose the right platform for your business, building an engaged community or simply just improving your social media marketing overall, this option will give the boost you need to move your business forward.
social media training leeds

Whether it is for you or a member of your team, this bespoke training will guide you through social media marketing and give you the confidence to grow your business and increase your online social media presence. The training can be as specific or broad as you like, focusing on what is important to you and your business.






This will give you the direction you might be needing. I’ll create a tailor made social media strategy, built just for your business. You’ll get a bespoke strategic plan designed to fit your business needs. You’ll be armed with a variety of tools and content suggestions, as well as a user-friendly plan to go off and run your own campaign and day to day marketing on your social media channels. Or if that’s too time consuming for you, I can implement your new strategy using our Full Platform Management service.
social media audits

Let me take a look at what you are currently doing then give you feedback and recommendations on how you could improve your results. 


Sometimes it’s just a matter of a few changes that can really help you get to the point where you are achieving your goals and objectives.







Digital Mums
Advanced Diploma


I am a trained graduate of the Digital Mums Advanced Diploma in Social Media Management. 


A huge benefit of being a Digital Mums graduate, is being part of The DMCollective. This is a group of over 1,800 experienced freelance social media managers, all trained to the high standards of Digital Mums. We help and support each other virtually, to keep up to date with all the latest changes of the ever changing world of social media, the result of this is more great ideas and opportunities for your business.


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