We’re one month old

about me - shelley lucas ball
about me - shelley lucas ball

So I launched my business 1 whole month ago today & I’m LOVING it! I’ve made some great new connections so I thought I would jump on & give you a few little facts about me and why I launched my business. So here goes…
⭐ I am a mum of 2 very spirited twin girls who are strong minded (which I love – most of the time!), bloody gorgeous & lots of fun to be around! 💕 🌎
⭐ I met my husband in Australia way back in 1999. We were travelling at the time. He came back to the UK while I carried on with my travels so we kept in touch by actual LETTERS (🐌) for a time as email was only just coming in! 😂
⭐ I love travelling & have visited lots of countries over the years & can’t wait to take the girls on more adventures when we can.
⭐ Before I set up Stand Out Social I worked for Rightmove for 12 years-so if you’re in the property industry get in touch-I could really help you with your social media marketing!
⭐ I live in North Leeds which has lots of amazing things to do and see – I love living here. There are so many amazing parks & things to do with the kids not to mention all the great independent shops, cafes, restaurants & bars that are now back open.
⭐ I’ve been a vegetarian all my life. I was the only one in my family growing up & vegetarian food was rubbish back then (think Findus Crispy Cheesy Pancakes!) Ive tried to be vegan but I just love cheese too much!
⭐ I’ve always wanted to set up & run my own business. I’m a firm believer of if you set your mind to something you can achieve it and although I’m only at the start of my business journey I can’t wait to see all the twists and turns I will take.
⭐ I love emojis and if we ever get in a text talk you’ll see what I mean! 🤩
⭐ I also love wine. Nothing better than winding down after a hard days content creating with a large glass of Malbec.
So that’s a little bit about me so over to you… tell me something about yourself 👇

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