Do all your posts look the same?

Posting the same type of post over and over again can become a little mundane for your audience. Yes of course, if you’re an estate agent you should be posting your properties but that shouldn’t be the only thing you post. Remember, social media is supposed to be social so try and inject some of this into your channels.

We know why we need to market our businesses on social media
(here’s a reminder 😊)


👉 Increases brand awareness 
👉 Builds trust and “humanises” your business
👉 Demonstrates your expertise
👉 Keeps you top of mind with potential customers
👉 Can drive traffic to your website
👉 Can help to generate more leads


So, if we can make it really interesting for our audience they’re more likely to stick around and become a customer in the future.

It all goes back to your ideal client, so think about what they want to see.  

👉 Promotional posts
👉 Advice & help
👉 Industry news
👉 Your brand story


There’s so much more you could be sharing.


If you need help with this or would like me to help with a new strategy, send me a DM 💕

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