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I’m Shelley, the face behind Stand Out Social. I’m a social media consultant and I work with clients on a freelance basis to grow their business through the power of social media. I’m here to help make social media marketing easy for you and give you some of your precious time back.


When I’m not working on my clients’ social media, creating content, and delivering strategies you can find me in the outdoor spaces of North Leeds with my husband and twin daughters. I love where I live there’s so much to do here and lots of great small businesses to support.


Before I started Stand Out Social, I spent over 20 years working in sales & advertising for large corporate businesses including Rightmove and Yell, helping clients with their offline and online marketing. During this time I noticed how hard it is for small business owners to really get to grips with how best to market themselves online.

Whether it’s lack of time, not enough knowledge or just not knowing where to start, so often the marketing strategy can be sidelined or done with not much thought. Your marketing strategy is so important and needs to lead you to successfully achieve your set objectives and goals – whatever they may be. Having no marketing strategy is like selling your home without an estate agent – not a great idea!

The idea of a strategy may seem simple but sometimes it can be hard to put into action. This is where my inspiration to start Stand Out Social came from – I want to help make social media marketing easy for you so it better connects you with your audience and really helps your business to thrive.


You might have guessed but I love helping other small business owners with their social media, helping them grow their business and celebrate their fabulous business offerings as well as unlocking the myths, and making social media doable for anyone out there who is keen to share their story. No matter what stage you are at with your business journey, getting the right help with your social media can make all the difference. I can help you reach a larger audience, grow your brand awareness and make your business really stand out from the crowd.
If you would like to find out more about how I can help, please get in touch for a chat.

Digital Mums
Advanced Diploma


I am a trained graduate of the Digital Mums Advanced Diploma in Social Media Management. 

A huge benefit of being a Digital Mums graduate, is being part of The DMCollective. This is a group of over 1,800 experienced freelance social media managers, all trained to the high standards of Digital Mums. We help and support each other virtually, to keep up to date with all the latest changes of the ever changing world of social media, the result of this is more great ideas and opportunities for your business.


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